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Sublimation Plus LV

Eco Tank Sublimation Starter Kit (SubZone Ink + Super Sub Paper)

Eco Tank Sublimation Starter Kit (SubZone Ink + Super Sub Paper)

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The Sublimation Ink that is taking the world by storm and the Sublimation Transfer Paper that is changing the game is paring up for a awesome Sublimation Starter Set! This combo is a great way to get your Eco Tank model printer converted to sublimation printing!

The set contains the sublimation ink in the Eco Tank compatible bottles:

4-70ml bottles of SubZone Inks in the standard 4 colors...Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

Also included is a 50 Sheet Package of the A4 size Super Sub Paper. (8.3" × 11.6")

It's as simple as connecting the bottles to the ink tanks to fill them up with sublimation ink. Then load up the paper and start printing...its really that easy!

*The bottles contain the universal keyed lids that makes them compatible with all Epson Eco Tank Printers

Compatible Eco Tank Model Printers:
ET15000 ET-2800 ET-2803 ET-2720 ET-2760 ET-2750 ET-2810 ET-2820 ET-2850 ET-2710 ET-2700 ET-3700 ET-3710 ET-3750 ET-3760 ET-3830 ET-3850 ET-4760 ET-5800 ET-5850 ET-5880 ET-7750 ET-7700 ET-4700 ET-4750 ET-16600 ET-16650 F170 F570 ST-2000 ST-3000 ST-4000 L3150 L3110

*Some Eco Tank printer have larger ink tanks and may require more ink to fill. Please take this into consideration before making your purchase.

*Shipping to the U.S. is free. *Seller is not responsible for any shipping delays.

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