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Eco Rush Ink 70ml Eco Tank Bottles (Full Set or Single Bottles)

Eco Rush Ink 70ml Eco Tank Bottles (Full Set or Single Bottles)

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Eco-Rush Ink is the new WAVE in inkjet desktop printing and the ORIGINATORS of Desktop Solvent Printing!

Designed for Epson Desktop Inkjet printers, this water based Eco Solvent Ink boast a super fast dry time. The printed ink itself is highly durable!

This ink is perfect for printing Eco-Solvent Transfers!

The full set item includes  4 bottles of ink in black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

*There are no special modifications required to use this Eco Solvent Ink.

*Ink is compatible with most Epson Desktop Printers.

*Seller is not responsible for any shipping delays.

We are the originators and created this method of converting Epson Desktop Printers into printing out Eco Solvent transfers. That's right folks, this method literally all started here in our warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada through months and months of trial and error and communication with our manufacturers. NOT ALL ECO SOLVENT INKS ARE SAFE AND COMPATIBLE TO BE USED WITH EPSON DESKTOP PRINTERS!!! With all due respect, there have been MANY, MANY people and other companies that branched out after buying and using our product then using the information we provided, our marketing verbiage and wordings to create other new brands of inks that claim to be the same as or similar to the Eco Rush Inks. We are the first to bring this method to the masses and we are not associated with any other companies nor are we familiar with the OTHER types of solvent inks on the market.

The Eco Rush solvent inks can be used to print onto various medias, for example: Wallpaper, Leather, Front-lit and Backlit banners, Polyester, Window film , Mesh , Backlit film , Blue back paper, Eco Solvent transfers and anodized aluminum to name a few . There are too many variables involved with color matching and ink fading when using the inks. For better color matching, we recommend having a custom color profile made specifically for your printing setup. Unfortunately, we do not offer color profile creation services.

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